The Best Pokies of 2020!

The votes are in! The Wild Joker Online Pokies Awards was truly a great (and hectic) one. Thank you all for all the votes and the amazing support you’ve shown our RTG online slot games. We must say, we were not expecting these winners but it’s a good surprise indeed.

But before we get to the list of the best online pokies of 2020, we wanted to shine some light on some of the highlights during this pokies awards season at Wild Joker Online Casino.

Highlights of Pokies Awards

1st February (Best Submarine Pokie) – Some players went diving deep to cast their votes for the best sub-marine online pokie, and it was a splash of a win (1134 votes in total).

2nd February (Best Shimmering Pokie) – The shimmering lights were all that matters on that day and our 2 star pokies enjoyed a lot of votes from their fans (a whopping 2876 in total).

3rd February (Best Spooky Pokie) – Let’s just say that none of our online casino players was afraid to vote for their favourite spooky online slot machine (with 3421 votes in total).

4th February (Best Christmas Pokie) – We were not sure if this category would work but everyone got in the Christmas spirit to vote for the best Christmas slot of the year (3277 votes in total).

5th February (Best Jackie Pokie) – Jackie Chan can never go wrong and we are so happy to report that this category got the most votes from our online casino players (5476 votes in total).

6th February (Best Fairy Pokie) – This was definitely our most magical slots category and the votes did not disappoint with 2356 in total.

7th February (Best Chicken Slot) – It was the battle of the Rooster and the Hen and we must admit – one got the better treatment than the other (find out pokie awards results below) but the votes were great (2546 in total).

8th February (Best Pokie Sequel) – We could not think of a better pairing than the two nominees in this category and this was the most difficult category to vote but one online slot reign supreme (4321 votes in total).
9th February (Best Pokie of the Year) – And definitely the biggest award garnered a total of 3456 votes in total and both electric slot games shot lightning at each other.

Best Pokies of 2020

And now for the winners revealed! Find out if your favourite online pokie won an award at the Wild Joker Pokies Awards now:

Best Sub-Marine Pokie – Mermaid’s Pearl Video Slot
Best Shimmering Pokie – Plentiful Treasures Video Slot
Best Spooky Pokie – Count Spectacular Video Slot
Best Christmas Pokie – Swindle All The Way Video Slot
Best Jackie Pokie – Eagle Shadow Fist Video Slot
Best Fairy Pokie – Enchanted Garden 2 Video Slot
Best Chicken Pokie – Henhouse Video Slot
Best Pokie Sequel – Cash Bandits 2 Video Slot
Best Pokie of the Year – Asgard Video Slot

Thanks a lot for all the votes and congrats to all the slot game winners. Enjoy our amazing RTG online slot machines and stay tuned for the next pokie awards at Wild Joker Online Casino. Cheers!

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